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November 1, 2011
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Tarbod, Heir to Titans by Greyall Tarbod, Heir to Titans by Greyall
Goras Tarbod earned his nickname 'Titan' during the Great Crusade. Probably the largest Marine in any of the Legions, the Assault Sergeant made for an impressive sight of white and blue ceramite and was the center of attention at many an inter-Legion gathering, by apothecaries and battle-brothers alike. To this, Tarbod would answer with detached pride, although, in good World Eater fashion, he could never bring himself to actually be pedantic - such was for those who truly depended on interaction with others.

Yet a single gesture of camaraderie would become a pivotal point in Tarbod's life. While departing the Sol System, the World Eaters fleet made a fuelling stop at Titan, upon which Goras was gifted by his squadmates with a neckpiece made from the basaltic rock of that moon. This did Goras Tarbod cherish greatly.

This would, in time, spell his fall into madness.

When the assault on the Emperor's gates ultimately failed, Tarbod fled along with the rest of his Legion into the Eye of Terror. Yet he did it in his death throes, after defeating an Imperial Fists Dreadnought. He managed to see the Captain of the 8th, Kharn, return to life with a roar that shook the entire ship. Then Tarbod closed his eyes and saw no more.

He woke to a red glow and a voice that meant blood with every spoken word. A voice that told him of a glorious future, made from the rush of battle and the skulls of his enemies. A voice that told him of a Titan, trudging through broken husks. This did Goras Tarbod embrace.

This sealed his fate, and Khorne almost smiled...

He had to undergo massive surgery and bionic implantation, and even with Khorne's blessing it took long until Tarbod was back into battle, but he was stronger than ever - and, by the Blood God's grace, bigger, as well. All this time, Tarbod clutched his neckpiece. And heard the voice of his ancestor...

Not long afterwards, Tarbod learned of vermin infesting his home, festering in Titan's entrails, soiling his legacy...he learned of the Grey Knights. And became a cleanser of their filth.

His armour, The Mausoleum, is an almost exact replica of a Grey Knight Terminator's wargear (only much bigger) and it was indeed forged from the blood of 80 of their best through the course of 88 nights. The hammer he wields, World Aflame, is a marvel of obsidian and dark iron, capable of turning power armour into scrap with one blow.

And so Tarbod, descendant of Titans, hunts the knights in grey across the Galaxy. For the space marines of the Ordo Malleus, he has become a nemesis, a predator who can stalk them at every battlefield.

For him, they're transgressors deserving of the worst punishment, their names to be recorded in their own books until the last of them is cleansed.

And here's the World Eater, Tarbod. This guy was a pretty hard to draw, mainly because of the trophies, pose and perspective. I wanted to have a 'cleaner' look, hence why I gave him a Grey Knight Terminatour armour. The square spikes also lend a more 'tidy' vibe to the character. The nicer details: Nemesis blade on his right vambrace, used for beheading and scalping; skulls kept on the reliquaries of his armour, formerly attached to the bodies of Grey Knight heroes; four sets of jaws; the middle reactor - it's a Valkyrie engine.

The weapon was inspired by the hammer the chaos warrior carries in this piece by Adrian Smith : [link]

Khorne followers, though my favourites (or may because of it), are always a pain to draw, but I'm glad with how Tarbod came out.

Visual note: his armour (barring cables, spikes and runes) is completely red (dark blood-red), no trim (those riveted stripes aren't trims, they're parts of the armour).
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AnonymousONIagent Featured By Owner Edited Sep 8, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
I can just imagine this guy on the battlefield... He's a giant mass of pure boiling rage encased in adamantine Terminator armor that flies.

I don't care whether you're a lowly Imperial Guardsman or a goddamn Space Marine Captain. If you even think you see this guy, your first and quite possibly last thought will be "OH FUCK OH FUCK FUCKFUCKFUCKFUCK FUCKING SHIT NOPE ABORT ABORT NOPENOPENOPE HOLY FUCK"
Greyall Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2014
Wish I had a dream like that ;)
twinoceans Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2014
Need that head design on a fantasy version of a daemon prince.  This is just too spetacular
An-ggrath Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This is astonishing. I could imagine this guy coming down on a battlefield and everyone noticing that the sun being blacked out, cause he's just that huge.
Greyall Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2013
Thanks, man. I definitely have to draw Tarbod again.
Vile-Heretic Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2012
badass bro! Is he from the Horus Heresy series or your own made up creation? Great work either way!
Greyall Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2012
It's my own baby, this one. =)

He'd be kind of a comic relief in the 40K universe, I think.
Vile-Heretic Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2012
lmao I can't imagine a super giant World Eater that hunts Grey Knights as a comedian!
Babagan00sh Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2011
np,keep it up.
Babagan00sh Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2011
chaos champion is on the same powerlevel like a grey knight,agreed.but the number hundred is just too much.1on1 he would probably kill a grey knight even with terminator armor.but how he killed 100 grey's without his epic armor (which was made of grey knight armors).grey knights rarely fight alone.and even when tarbon fight them only 1on1 its more then 'unrealistic' (well its 40k) that he survived 100 fights against them.furthermore its improbably that they all where 'normal' grey not a grey knight fan boy,but that a single warrior (even dangerous like him) won ~100 fights against them,is just ive allready said ,i really like ur background and ur amazing art,but that is just too much.
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