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November 19, 2011
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Sagittar Phract - The End of Legends by Greyall Sagittar Phract - The End of Legends by Greyall
Saggitar Phract of the World Eaters, The End of Legends - Shield of the Primarch

Born in Terra, Saggitar Phract was already an extremely respected veteran of the War Hounds by the time Angron was presented to the Legion. Upon learning from Kharn of the Primarch's brutal slaughter of the Hound's most senior officers, Phract, his usual ice-cold self, vowed to teach the Angron the virtues of temperance.

Alas, the old warrior's teachings had no effect on the demigod's personality, but their result was nothing short of miraculous: Angron and Sagittar forged as true a friendship as the scarred Primarch could manage. To outsiders, it would seem the two were nothing more than long-time war comrades, yet some of the other Primarchs understood the impact Phract had had in Angron. Though only in whispered tones, many were of the opinion that the Red Primarch saw in Sagittar a true father figure, who tried to steer him yet respected his authority and his ability to make decisions.

Wether these hushed thoughts reach his ear or he somehow noticed, Angron abruptly stopped bringing Phract to most meetings, instead opting for Kharn, who the Primarch forever respected, not only for making him see the gains in leading the World Eaters, but for having a similar mindset. To this, Phract held no grudge, understanding as he was, and he continued to counsel his Primarch and, as leader of the Devourers - Angron's praetorian guard -, stand at his side on the battlefield.

Phract mastered very early the shield and gladius fighting style as done by the murmillo gladiators of old Roma, and it fit his cold, implacable demeanour like a glove. So great was the veteran's self-control that even the Legion's allegiance to Khorne did not turn Sagittar into a raving killer like the rest of the World Eaters, and the God of Warfare has grown to greatly respect the grizzled warrior, though dreams of subjugating his mind into madness. Still at Angron's side, Phract only enters the battlefield as bodyguard to his Primarch or when ordered a special assignment.

In battle, what is perhaps the oldest World Eater legionnaire alive is nothing short of a blood-freezing wonder. In dire contrast with the maddened charges of his comrades, Phract will advance at a constant pace, a behemoth even near other Terminators. Though apparently oblivious, those who've stood at his side the longest know he his scanning the battlefield for enemy commanders and champions, who he'll charge at frightening speed for his tremendous bulk. Phract absolutely loathes to fight lesser enemies unless they attack him, and will beat them to near-death for their insolence. He is known to duel other leaders inside a circle made from the near-corpses of his foe's squad members. The longer an enemy Commander takes to accept his challenge, the more violently Phract will vanquish him, and, above all, he'll kill any ally who dares to 'aid' him, regardless of rank.

Sagittar Phract still keeps his chain-gladius, 'Warsage', and Angron has gifted him with a piece of Wargear like no other, a shield almost the size of a space marine, made of the brass hide of a great Juggernaut of Khorne, and fit with a chainblade system powered by the beast's frenzied heart. the blades move so fast even a lightning fast slam with often shatter the most prized relic blade of rend open the hardest suit of armour.

Phract has become a legend on the battlefield, the slayer of lords of all races throughout millenia, ever the deliverer of his Primarch's blood-soaked judgement.

First Terminator of the new series, perhaps the closest I've come to have a waking nightmare, when I looked at all the details I wanted to include. But I like him. A lot.
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worldeater89 Dec 6, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
love this guy,

blood for the blood god!
Ditto, mate. Thanks
Inkary Mar 11, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
If we would ever have a collab I'd pick this for colouring.
That makes me really happy, the old guy here is certainly my favourite creation, in terms of characters.
Is it me or his chainsword is small compare to the rest.
Other than that it is awesome work.
Aye, but that's intentional, it's a chaingladius.
gervall Jan 5, 2012   Artist
this guy is a freakin badass
Indeed he his, mate =)
gervall Jan 12, 2012   Artist
would u mind if i did a fanfic of him because all i do write lol
By all means, mate, feel free to do it.
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