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December 24, 2011
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Lorgar - Primarch of the Word Bearers by Greyall Lorgar - Primarch of the Word Bearers by Greyall
Vaclav Ternol entered the room, his massive frame blocking the light from the opened door. A few steps - far less than what had taken her to - brought him next to the remembrancer.

"Sergeant Ternol", Gizelda Amaranth said with affection. Throughout her 10 year stay with the Word Bearers, Vaclav had become almost a friend - as much as an Astartes could.

"Gizelda", the warrior said, sitting, "I hope the night finds you well".

"Days of battle find me only yearning for new stories. And I've heard you have a great one to tell me".

"Great, yes, but not happy. This day has left a mark on us all. The coming weeks will se many of my brethren going into reclusion and prayer."

"Hold on, let me write that. It'll make one hell of an introduct...", she stopped as she noticed the less than approving look the Astartes shot her. She still let her curiosity take the best of her, breaching Legion privacy was a harsh mistake, if this wasn't Vaclav, she would've been left alone and with no story . "Well, I'm sure I'll remember a better one during your account. Er-shall we begin?"

Ternol smiled, despite himself. "Of course. This, then, is the tale of how the Word Bearers claimed Oracion for Mankind and the Emperor."

One thousand Astartes stood frozen, unable to advance any further annd lend aid to their Primarch. It wasn't fear that left them so, but the nature of the enemy facing Lorgar. As hard as it was to admit for the legionnaires, the being was as hard to look at as the Primarch himself. The light it irradiated was impossibly bright, and it had just revived at least twenty of its warriors.

It was an angel. The significance was not lost on a Legion who saw the Emperor as a god.

Wings as wide as those of the Blood Angels' Primarch, it hovered above it's troops in the center of the square, with only Lorgar facing it. The...angel...was vaguely feminine, with a shaven head and only a crimson cloth covering his body.

"You see, then, how true is our face?", one of the soldiers asked, defiantly, his voice rasping but his pose stoic.

Lorgar's eyes narrowed. He seemed largely unimpressed with the winged creature, but as a son, but his sons knew there were questions racing through his mind. Shifting his eyes from the soldiers to the "angel", the Primarch spoke.

"Your warriors seem aghast. You seem to have done a poor job of reviving them".

The angel lifted her head and her look became even icier.

"You shall not speak to The Ala so, tyra..." the Oracian soldier who spoke was cut short by a terrible cough, finally painting the tiled floor with blood.

Lorgar laughed, and his laughter brought his sons from the stupor they were in. In a few seconds, they joined their Primarch in laughter, though doubt still creeped into their minds. Nevertheless, the enemy soldiers were cut down by bolter fire in less than a minute.

Now, only the so-called angel and the Primarch stood on the elevated marble. Lorgar was magnificent, his armour ivory like those saints in the churches the Word Bearers built. Red scrolls with golden Colchisian runes hanged from his bone-white armour, as did the slab-grey rags of his vest at the retaking of Colchis. Above his head, twin eagles enveloped the Helios Imperial and the Primarch's work, The Book of Lorgar.

"Show your true nature, then, or die a parody", Lorgar said to angel, a smile on his lips.

The winged being had no mouth, which only added to the unease of the Word Bearers. What it had as a line, running from under her nose to the base of her neck.

Lorgar was noticing this when the "line" suddendly opened to reveal a fanged, horizontal mouth. The light from the angel died, replaced by a purple-black smoke. It roared, the sound that of a hundred women screaming in agony, and launched itself at the Primarch.

"And then?" the remembrancer asked.

"It wasn't a match for Lorgar. One blow from the Illuminarum was all it took", Vaclav Ternol answered.

"But Then why...". She didn't finish her question. The Astartes was already exiting the room.


The warrior didn't answer. He felt bad for letting Gizelda down, but he suspected he wouldn't have been able to disguise the anguish he felt now, as he recalled how distraught in the eyes of Lorgar as he stood above the broken angel, how much it had grieved him to see such a being turn into a creature of darkness.

Merry Christmas, mates.
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audy4o Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2014
Oooooh my sweet Lorgar... He is so beautiful here I love the finely and delicately engraved armor, though he looks a bit "fat", too massive somehow... Anyway he will still be my sweet Lorgar :)
ViolentHedonist Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2014
An excellent piece of art, and one that I'd love to see coloured as you've described, and probably a tough one to draw with this level of detail! I'm sure you've gotten plenty of requests like this but I'd love to see a drawing of the angel you described in the story, before with its holy disguise and after with its true colours reviled, as it just sounds awesome. Either way I really like this piece and I only wish I'd found it sooner, well done!
Thomasfyren Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2013
That's just SO incredibly awesome! :-D
Greyall Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2013
Thank you. It's one of my favourites.
She-who-thrist Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2012
Trust me, His first book was all of lies, for he is creating a new book, and it is to the belief of his world
toht981 Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2012
Your style seems almost like John Blanches reddish gothic artwork in the rulebook. The way you draw Lorgar seems to echo the thought of the day: A tainted mind is often concealed in an unblemished body.
Technorakel Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2012
How so? John Blanche's style is extremely dynamic, blurry, quite inconsistent regarding volumes and definition (at least nowadays), and involves a very unbalanced, erratic composition with wavering, elastic, sharp shapes that make his figures look suspended in the air, or flattened in a herbarium, momentum captured and stopped straight; it also relies on strong color effects and transparency, where the linework often blends in the shading/coloring, and the figures dissolve into the background.

This is the perfect opposite of what I'm seeing in this gallery: very carefully drawn lineart, with great attention brought to volumes and shapes, monolithic, simple composition that makes it look extremely static. Everything looks solid, 3-dimensional, and even the thickness of the lines are regulated to help us distinguish each mass; each character shows a limited amount of decoration, used reasonably and purposefully. The proportions, even when exaggerated, are stable, symmetrical, and even the size of the writing is constant.

It shows a concern for substance and cleanliness over emotional impact, and the will to avoid "mistakes" at all costs, even if it takes a lot of time and work. Blanche, even if his early illustrations were also very precise and clean, always makes his works look tense and passionate, or at least mysterious and meaningful, which he nowadays conveys through a very sketchy style and quick, almost rushed and careless creative process, as he mentioned in last month's White Dwarf.

Also profile shots. Blanche uses a fucklot of profile shots, or frontal shots, And I'm only seeing a few here.
So, in short, I don't really see how this could less like Blanche's artworks. It's well-done, attractive, but if it somehow reminds you of John Blanche, it's for reasons that have nothing to do with artistic practice.
toht981 Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2012
It's just that there was something about the tiny sigils, the beefed up look 'Astartes' have been known for and the gothic ornamentation, that's all.
Greyall Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2012
That's about the best thing anyone can say about my artwork, even if I have a long way ahead of me until I reach Master Blanche's skill. Thanks, mate!
Babagan00sh Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2011
but i think its propotional incorrect.i dont know ,perhaps its only me ,but shouldnt the legs much smaller?
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